Hi there. I'm Jamie Gray, a Product Designer currently living in Dallas, Texas. I'm earnestly trying to build a brighter future by empowering people with user-friendly software. 

I'm interested in complex systems, process diagramming, and the lofty sci-fi goal of building a fully-automated post-scarcity society for future generations to enjoy. 

If your product improves the lives of users or gets us any closer to post-scarcity, I'd love to get in touch. 👇


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Product Designer at ParkHub in Dallas.


After graduating high school in 2015, I spent a gap year freelancing as a professional filmmaker; documenting humanitarian efforts in Iraq, shooting wedding videos, and up on stage with some of my favorite bands. During that time, I realized how software tools helped make my life easier, so I wanted to get involved in improving software to have a wider positive impact on people's lives.