Behind The Scenes

BTS Music Video - Cobell Damu

Behind the scenes video for Cobell Damu's music video.

Directed by Cobell Damu

Kadrien Yelsom - Assistant Director

Parker Foster, of VSZN - Director of Photography / Cinematographer

BTS Photos: Nick + Fernanda

Special thanks to Kennedy Carr for helping me out on this shoot. Also, go check out JD Swiger's web site, he's an incredible photographer.

JD Swiger Photography

JD Swiger Photography

BTS Photos: Jesse & Amber

Thanks to Kennedy Carr for assisting my wedding shoot, and all photos of me are courtesy of his photographic skills.

BTS Photos - Rivalry Football Game

Here's some nice Behind-the-Scenes photos of me filming at the GHS vs CHHS rivalry football game, courtesy of my dear friend Michael Moffitt.

Also, Michael is the lead singer of Honorable Mention, who played at Grapefest this year (2014) so go check out that page while you're at it!