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Before & After

Edited in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It'd be kinda cool if I could export the edit history as an animated .gif file. That'd be dope.

Abandoned Building Graffiti

Urban exploration with my friend @brichevier in Fort Worth, TX. 

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be ok  in 2017


UX Thoughts

For those of you wondering, UX is User Experience. I'm trying to get a job as a Software Product Designer, so fixing these annoyances may one day become my full time job. (I hope!) Maybe Squarespace will hire me. Or maybe I'll just write my own website from scratch. (Ha!)

Navigation Sidebar

If you're visiting this page on desktop I wish there was a navigation sidebar to perform the same task as the "on this page" section at the top of this page. 

Custom Mosaics

In order to get the full-width image sandwiched between the galleries, I had to use a separate image block. This is not great because each block has padding, which breaks visual continuity. A solution to this issue would be to have a gallery block that lets you start with a grid view and build a customized mosaic with some images being larger and having custom rotations.

If you're interested in more Software Design thoughts, check out my software blog and follow my twitter specifically for Tech / UX stuff. 

Also, Sorry this website is so slow. I need to figure something else out, honestly. 


Jesse + Amber

More wedding videos:

Hunting in South Texas

Disclaimer: "This video contains hunting scenes that may be disturbing to some viewers. Acting upon animal instinct, these animals subject themselves to more harm than necessary, please note this was not the intentions of the hunters ... viewer discretion is advised"

The location of this video is undisclosed to protect the rights and privacy of the landowners.