Camp day 2 - Slideshow

Thanks to Kimberly Roberts and Lubomír Fridrich for taking these pictures today at camp (or yesterday, since it I'm writing this at 1:45am) We had a fun and exciting day, despite the periodic showers that came in while we were outside. On the bright side, these small storms will make for great timelapse clips! 

Tomorrow we will have a highlight video to mark the half-way point of the camp. I will publish it soon, so check this page every once in a while to find updates.


First Day of Camp - Slideshow

Every day we showcase content from the camp at the afternoon Club, where the kids play games, watch skits, and most importantly, they are taught about Jesus. Below you'll see a schedule of what kind of content I will be making for each day, which you can expect to see on the blog each day. (reminder: we're 7 hours ahead of DFW, so if I upload it at 11:00pm in the Czech Republic, you will be able to find it at 4:00pm)

Keep checking the blog page later today, because I'm sure I'll add some more posts tonight (if you're in Texas, that'll be your afternoon)

Feel free to comment below if you want to send a message of encouragement to our team!