A vector illustration of my typical workspace. Coffee, Macbook Pro, Wacom Tablet, and my 7th Moleskine Grid Journal.

For the curious, here's a blown-up view of the journal sketches. I drew up a montage of diagrams from recent pages of my current journal. 

I'll explain what a few of these diagrams mean, if you're interested: 

[1] Midway down the page on the far left is a camera pointed at what appears to be a river. This is a concept for using surveillance cameras and computer vision technologies to analyze environmental changes, such as river flow rate, flood patterns, changes in foliage, weather patterns, etc. I hope to write a blog post about that soon.

[2] At the bottom of the left page is a few hierarchy diagrams. This is loosely based on an idea I have to map out power structures, political power, economic power, etc. The left diagram illustrates a highly centralized system, with the majority of the power being held by a single entity. On the right theres's loose central oversight of highly distributed powerful entities. The inequality operator is there to show my personal preference towards decentralization. 

[3] Middle-right is a nested diagram based on an idea to show local governance and representatives based on one's location. A visual guide of who's in power could help increase civic participation, as we'd know exactly whose door to go knocking on when things aren't done right.

[4] Bottom-right is a diagram of my optimal workspace location. Basically a desk right next to a window overlooking a dense city block. The vibrant movements of cities offer creative inspiration to me, and if I could just look down and see the city, that would be incredible. Gotta hustle to get there, I suppose.

The scribbles in the middle and on the right edge are what I do to get my ballpoint pens working.  I usually do this no matter if my pen's been acting up, since I'd prefer scribbles than a gross-looking attempt to write text or draw something.