Goal-Oriented Social Media

This is an idea for a new social media platform dedicated to helping each other achieve our personal goals. People helping people, extremely wholesome. 

Users create goals (green), and they build a backwards tree structure of pathways (orange) that can lead to achieving that goal. 

Fig. 1. 

Fig. 1. 


Below is an example diagram of my goal to move to the Big Apple. Jobs, Mentors, Roommates are all possible entry paths. The comment illustrates that we might be able to help our friends connect the dots to achieving their goals. 

Fig. 2.

Fig. 2.


Each node (goals, dependencies) supports comment threads, which are collapsible threads with the ability to reply and to "like" any comment. A "soft dislike" button could allow users to dislike a comment to reprioritize its display priority, but it wouldn't affect the "total likes" value. (this is in contrast to a "hard dislike" which subtracts from the like count, similar to reddit's upvote/downvote system) 

Comments are pretty self-explanatory, so don't toil over trying to understand this messy stream of consciousness below: 

Fig. 3. 

Fig. 3. 


Ugh. I hate this part. 

Maybe people could just optionally pay like $5 a month for this if they want, if enough people do that, I won't have to sell out to advertising companies to sell your data to the capitalist class. 


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