Higher Quality Maps from Existing Imagery

Google Maps has has gorgeous 3D imagery of cities (below: in green)

Google also collects imagery data by driving cars around and taking 360 images, which they call Street View. (below: in blue)

The problem with the 3D imagery is that the resolution isn't as good as it could be. Google's Street View imagery could be the secret sauce for improving the resolution. 

Here's a comparison of the resolutions of the two techniques. 

Note Jun 20, 2018.png

Combined Imagery

My suggestion for Google is create a composite of the two image sets to improve the quality of the 3D imagery. Using the position data of the Street View, they can project the perspective onto the 3D imagery.

Note Jul 10, 2018.png

It's evident there's been some preliminary efforts to unify the two sets. When transitioning from 3D to Street View, you can see the Street View imagery being wrapped onto the underlying geometry. 

Feel free to send this to our friends at Google Maps to see if they'd be interested in pursuing this idea! 

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