Data Science

Improved Rating System

This is a concept for a rating system centered around a collapsible hierarchical list, so users can rate sub-items within categories. This enables users to add nuanced opinions without writing long reviews, which saves time for everyone. Less time stressing about writing a beautifully written review without typos, and fewer internal man-hours parsing poorly written reviews.

Restaurant Rating Example

Comparison between a written review and a multi-level rating system.

Not only is the image on the right easier for humans to read (given a few UI tweaks and different visualizations) but it's also easier for computers to understand. This makes data analysis much easier, since there's no need to extract nuance from written reviews. 

This concept could be deployed effectively for nearly all rating systems. App Store app ratings, Google Maps location ratings, Amazon product ratings, LinkedIn job ratings, etc. 

Suggested applications from left to right: Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Amazon, Netflix.

I spent some time looking for the best user interface for nested lists and hierarchies. I used the macOS style for my mockup because it's simple and clean, but if you know of any prettier interfaces, please drop me a line in the comments below! 

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