iPad App to Manage Parking Lot Operations

At ParkHub we’ve been working on an iPad app to allow our clients to supervise their parking lot operations, overseeing their parking attendants and overall flow of traffic. This post isn’t an overview of the whole process, rather a highlight of specific design decisions that were made throughout.


We began with showing our notifications in their own tab, taking up a full page view. We instead opted to go the route of putting notifications in a persistent header pop-up to make it easier for users to view notifications without detracting from what the user was currently focused on monitoring.

With the pop-up modal, initially wanted to mimic Apple Mail’s notification behavior with a blue dot and a “swipe to mark as read” interaction. We decided to slim this down in our first iteration by making unread blue, and pulling down to refresh the card would mark them all as read.

We’ll be running this through user feedback to see if users would like to have the ability to have more granular control over the “mark as read” or “mark as unread” functionality.