Encouraging Productive Rooftops

This is a sketch for a public policy which would incentivize the productive usage of rooftop areas, to maximize space use in urban areas.

Many roof uses can be classified as productive, and various indexes can be applied to prioritize usage based on the needs of the community.

Examples of uses:

  • 🗣Socially Productive

    • 💕Things which encourage community bonding and socialization, such as:

    • 🛋Lounges, 🌳 parks, 👙pools, 🍻 bars, 🍔restaurants, etc.

  • ⚡️Ecologically productive

    • ☀️Sustainable electricity production: Solar panels, wind farms, etc.

    • 🌽Sustainable agriculture: Food, Vegetable Gardens, Hydroponic farms, etc.

affinity export.png

Above is an oversimplification of usage into the categories of “good and bad” which earn themselves subsidies and taxes, respectively.

Obviously, calculations of “how good” or “how bad” something is will take into account many variables, which should be weighted based on their social good and their overall impact on society.

Here’s a gif of my initial sketch that I manually drew, until I realized that it’d be a lot easier to make in an illustrator app, like Affinity. Luckily it serves as a eye-catching thumbnail.

no text.gif

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